The New Nvidia’s GTX 950: Affordable Graphics Card For Budget MOBA Gamers

The latest entry level GPU by Nvidia is the GTX 950, this is the cheapest new generation chip available on the Market at the moment, this allows you own a new DirectX 12 compatible GPU from Nvidia at minimal costs. The smartest choice to use if you are building a budget gaming machine running Windows latest OS, Windows 10, and for a MOBA gaming rig, this just makes sense.

The GTX 950 is the successor of both the older 750 and 750 Ti cards, suited to the gamer looking for a lower end card suited for the mass market MOBA crowd instead of a gamer who’s looking for a top of the range water cooled 6th Gen Core i7 rig.

Sitting slightly behind the GTX 960, who in turn is sitting behind the 970, boasts a 28 nm GM 206 Chipset, 768 CUDA cores, 2GB 6.6GHz-clocked GDDR5 RAM through a 128-bit bus. This is in line with the 960s chipset, the 970 is using a GM204 core. Although the 970 still looks like the top value for money Nvidia GPU, the 950 is much cheaper.

Nvidia is making a move to position the 950 as the Card to get if you’re building a MOBA rig. Although aimed at the younger budget players, there is a share of 30 Million gamers per calendar month, this is a 300% growth in the past three years, many popular players of HoTs, LOL, DotA will be making the right decision.

A Steam surveys maintains the GTX 650 is still the most popular mainstream GPU, the GTX 950 boasts significant frame-rate improvements with many newer games according to Nvidia. Benchmarks from Battlefield 4, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4, The Witcher 3 and many more, running at 1080p with medium settings and some moderate antialiasing, GTX 950 averages just over 60fps, the GTX 650 will only reach around 20fps.